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20 September 2009 @ 02:45 pm
  onomatopoeticon , my new journal.
Still posting icons/picspams at </span>   muleum

I'm sitting in my bed listening to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince soundtrack on Spotify. At the same time i'm trying to learn a few things in Adobe After Effects, it's quite different from Final Cut.

I also started watching the 4 first episodes of BSG. And... i don't know if i'm going to watch any more episoded. I just think i'm not going to enjoy watching this show.

Another show I just downloaded - MAD MEN. And I LOVED it! :D Only watched the first episode, can't wait for more.
22 May 2009 @ 03:07 pm

I decided to make this journal friends only,
since I write about personal stuff.  You can
read my profile, and if you think we got
something in common, leave a comment and
I will add you back.
my graphics: muleum and onlydreamers.